Postal Connections of America Shipping Tips

When preparing items for shipping please keep these important tips in mind:

Package Sealing Tips

  • Tape the box opening and sturdy all seams with two inch wide tape. It is best to use brown or clear reinforced packing or paper tape.
  • Avoid the use of cord, string, or twine because they can easily get ensnared in mail processing equipment.
  • Make sure you work with pressure-sensitive plastic tape, minimum 60 lb. grade water-activated paper tape, or water-activated reinforced tape.
  • Put a minimum of three strips of pressure-sensitive adhesive plastic tape to the top and bottom of the box.
  • Apply the H taping method to distribute the tape evenly across flaps and seams.
  • Never be stingy on tape because more is usually better. When in doubt, add another piece. You would rather have your package be tough to open by the recipient than have it get ripped apart while in transit.

Postal Connections of America Shipping Tips | Merced, CA

Common Sense in Shipping

  • Stay aware, especially with temp sensitive items, that packages, at any point along the way, will probably get exposed to heat and / or cold so pack accordingly.
  • Sunday or holidays are not counted by shippers as a delivery day. Only the US Post Service counts Saturday as a delivery day if Saturday delivery is requested.
  • This may sound crazy to say, but never ship live animals or dangerous items. When in doubt check the shipping carrier website for list of prohibited items or check with your local Postal Connections store.
  • Buy insurance for any valuable item you are shipping. UPS, DHL, and FedEx automatically insures each package for up to $100 and supplemental insurance is available from all carriers.

Postal Connections of America Stores

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