Writing with Quill Pens

For thousands of years, writing was a real chore. Ancient Babylonians used pointy sticks to make marks on clay tablets, which then had to be baked to be durable. Sometimes they broke! Ancient Greeks and Romans chiseled their words into marble. Boy, was that heavy and slow!

Ancient Egyptians had a better idea by using reeds filled with ink to write on papyrus, but reed pens were stiff and wore out quickly. Somebody back in the 2nd century BC wrote part of the Dead Sea Scrolls with a quill pen – a big improvement and a genius invention!

Quill pens are the long flight feathers of big birds, like geese, swans, and turkeys. The hollow quill holds the ink and the pointed tip is carved into a suitable nib for writing. The quills were carved with small knives, known as pen knives. Hardly anyone carves their own quill pens anymore, but we still have those little knives.

Although the quill had to be refilled with ink every five or six words, quill pens were used to create and sign important documents – like the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence – years before the invention of metal-tipped fountain pens and, eventually, ball point pens.

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Fun fact! Quill pens have not gone completely out of style. Twenty goose-quill pens, neatly crossed, are placed at the four counsel tables at the U.S. Supreme Court each day the Court is in session. Since most lawyers appear before the Court only once, they gladly take the quills home as souvenirs.

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